Genetos 1.0

A breathtaking history of shoot 'em ups


  • Varied shoot 'em up gameplay
  • Amazing presentation
  • Range of difficulty levels


  • Later levels can be challenging


Genetos is a free vertical 2D shooter that takes players through the evolution of the genre, from Space Invaders to the present day.

The iPhone game Space Invaders Infinity Gene took a similar approach to evolving shoot 'em up (shmup) gameplay, but Genetos is in some ways much more impressive. Every generation of shoot 'em ups is represented, and each is done really, really well. From the basic horizontal movement of the early games, with blocky aliens, to the swirling 3D enemies filling the screen with bullets of recent years, Genetos covers pretty much everything.

Genetos has difficulty levels to suit all players, although once you reach the final generation, there's no avoiding that it requires some skillful play. Checking Genetos' readme file included in the download reveals there is a button that allows you to move more slowly - that's how much accuracy is needed to thread your space craft through the clouds of approaching threats!

For fans of the genre, Genetos will be a joy, and if you don't know anything about shoot 'em ups, everything you need to know is here. It's strange to see a game about games, and especially to play one that's so much fun and so unpretentious.

Genetos is a great piece of educational alien blasting, with excellent sound, gameplay and graphics, which are even more impressive considering it's a free game.



Genetos 1.0

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